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Castle View Gridiron Club

Letter from Gridiron President


Dear Stakeholder:

I am very proud of the amazing things that the Castle View Gridiron Club has accomplished over the past years and the direction that we are headed over the next many years.  Our prior leadership has set the bar high for our Castle View Gridiron Club and we intend to continue this legacy as we operate with the highest levels of integrity and accountability while staying focused on our commitment to our charter and mission.

The Castle View Gridiron Club is governed by a Board of Directors. Each year, the Board elects a President to recruit, select and manage a team of "Executive Chairs/VP's (Marketing & Communication, Community Outreach, Events, Operations, Finance). These Executive Chairs/VP's carry out the duties that are associated with the fulfillment of our charter, mission, vision and purposes. Executive chairpersons manage our committees and sub-committees. There can never be too-much help for these roles.  If you are interested in giving of your time, gifts or talents, please contact us at

The primary qualification of executive chairpersons and committee chairs is the understanding of our objectives and alignment around our values.

Castle View Gridiron Club Charter Statement

We believe that football can be a positive influence in the lives of student-athletes, thus creating a successful atmosphere and environment to develop them into successful contributors to the community.

Football is driving force for good. The Castle View Gridiron Club is committed to improving the community by promoting football and supporting the local area football programs. 

Gridiron Club Mission, Vision and Values


Improve our town while enriching the lives of student-athletes through the promotion of High School Football.


To be the greatest and most innovative sports non-profit in the world. Change lives and community through the redemption of football.   


      The student-athlete is at the heart of everything we do.

      Every student should have the opportunity to play football, regardless of skill or financial situation.

      The community plays a pivotal role in success of student-athletes.

      Communication is sacred.

Gridiron Club Purposes

  1. Promote football to the community by raising awareness of local programs.
  2. Mobilize and organize volunteers.
  3. Support the community by raising awareness and financial resources for local and and regional charities.
  4. Provide financial assistance to local area schools/athletic programs when needed and requested.
  5. Boost morale by creating an enthusiastic atmosphere around football in the community through team-building events such as banquets, team meals, tailgates and rallies. 
  6. Celebrate student-athletes by providing by featuring them in and through multitude of media platforms. 
  7.  Provision of coaching tools, training and development when needed. 

In 2018, we aim to accomplish some of the following items while continuing what we have continued to do over the past 2 years.

  • Continue to support the Douglas/Elbert County Task Force by raising awareness and financial resources
  • Financially support a "sister" program in need in another community
  • Phase II of boys and girls locker room upgrades at the school
  • Phase II of Stadium Enhancements
  • Establish "Future Development Fund" for Athletic Department for Weight Room
  • Continue marketing and awareness for games – “Fill the Stands initiative”
  • Provide meals for the players at all levels
  • Provide Game Day Media Guides at zero cost
  • Support coaches training (Glazier and Other Clinics)
  • Bring in top level talent for "Back the Cats"
  • Revamped King Soopers "Family Funder" Program
  • Camp Scholarship Fund
  • Student and Business Gridiron Leadership Academy 
  • College Scholarship Fund
  • Youth Coaching Clinics
  • Public speaking forums for community and business organizations

Our Club revenue is the result of Fundraising (Golf Tournament, Back the Cats Event, Sabercat Card sales).  These events are not possible without the support of our business sponsors. In other words, we continue to impact the experience of our student-athletes and our community because of the generous support of our Sponsors. As always, SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT US.

In closing...

A business leader recently told me, the cause AND solution to all problems is communication. Communication is one of our values and is something we all must commit to so that no one goes uninformed. We will be utilizing the the following platforms to communicate:

Please help us to spread the word to other parents (especially incoming families) that these are the primary communication methods. We need your help getting this information out. We are segmenting our email communication lists so we can send "parent specific" communications. Help spread the word!

Looking forward to an amazing and fun year with you all!

Eric Plummer

Castle View Gridiron Club

Colorado non-profit corporation identification #: 20161269212

Fed Tax ID: 81-2571122

501(c)3 Registered

IRS Document Number: 17053-088-30300-8