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Playing With Emotion - Andrew Adkins

By Charles Oster, 10/21/18, 1:00PM MDT


Wide Receiver Andrew Adkins is an emotional football player.  Anyone who watches him will get a sense for this real quick. Presumably, he has learned this from his father, an All-American college football player. “My mentor has always been my dad”, stated the senior Sabercat. 

Adkins has been playing football for 8 years and aspires to keep playing football after this season.  His personal goals for the season is to “make plays when needed and to help the team and never fail the job I have”.

Adkins also acknowledged the goals for the team. “Completely turn-around the program by having a winning season and strong playoff run. We want to make a statement to Colorado.” 

When asked about the coaching staff, Adkins had a lot to say, “Playing for this new coaching staff has been incredible. They truly want to win and perform just as bad as the players. The game plan each week, along with the preparation has been very productive and successful. They have given me so much confidence and made us believe in this program”.   

Adkins hopes to pursue football after high school and play in college while studying in the marketing and advertising field.  “Football has taught me how to overcome and persevere through hard times. It has made me realize you can’t ever give up on something even when it seems lost”, stated Adkins. 

Adkins’ position coach, Brian Schott has a lot of belief in his player.  “Andrew is as competitive as anyone on our team and is very scrappy.  He has made himself very valuable and we use him in multiple positions and sets.  He may be the best blocker in space that I’ve ever coached.”   

The senior acknowledged that family is most important in his life.  “My family stays extremely close. We all are very involved with each other’s lives and support our decisions with passion and love. 

When not playing football, Adkins loves to hang with friends.