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"Never Give Up On Each Other"

By Kathleen Foote, 10/26/18, 7:30AM MDT


Captain Brett Helms Helps Lead Team to Playoffs

Castle View football player Brett Helms enters his senior year with a single but ambitious goal. “Be the best leader I can on and off the field.” As an outside linebacker and strong safety Helms has earned the respect of his head coach Todd Casebier. Brett is “tough and athletic. He works hard in practice and the weight room. He is a captain and is one of our leaders.”

Brett’s athleticism translates to his other sport, wrestling. Since his freshman year Brett has earned a spot on the all-conference wrestling squad every year. Although football is very much a team sport and wrestling centers more on an individual’s performance, Brett’s wrestling has helped him play football. “Wrestling teaches me to have an aggressive mentality and how to handle wins or losses.” Just like in football when you win in wrestling “you get ready for your next opponent and when you lose you get ready for your next match. Either way you get ready for your next opponent.”

After he graduates Brett plans to study aviation. He feels that football has prepared him for life by teaching him lessons “such as going to class daily, how to treat women, how to act in public.” He also credits his father, Ryan Helms, as being a “great example in my life teaching me how to be a great young man and football player.”

Brett lives at home with his parents, Ryan and Debbie Helms, and a brother, Heath, and a sister, Brooke. The family enjoys time together boating and water skiing. While boating Brett challenges himself by surfing the boat’s wake. Apparently, this entails following a slow moving boat at a close distance and surfing the wake’s wave. He also loves to dirt bike.

As Brett and his teammates prepare for their last game of the regular season and the playoffs Brett has words of advice for his team, “Never give up on each other.” Like fellow player Ryan Joas, Brett’s favorite memory from the 2018 season so far comes from the Wasatch game when the Castle View defense prevented a Wasatch score allowing the Castle View offense to score and win the game. A team effort, a team victory and a team celebration as the players stormed the field cheering.