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Earned, Not Given

By Charles Oster, 11/04/18, 1:15PM MST


Senior Justin Klos Talks Football Lessons

Football has taught Justin Klos that dedication is essential to success.  The Senior spoke not only of individual positions, but the position that the team currently finds itself in. “Football teaches you that if you don't get your way the first time, you have to keep doing it and be dedicated in order to succeed. You have to see your goal and go after it. Positions are not handed to you, you have to earn them.”

The Castle View Sabercats have definitely worked hard to get into its current position as they enter into the second round of the class 5A state playoffs this week.  “ I am looking forward to playoffs and we all want to show everyone that we can go farther than what they think.  I have really enjoyed playing for Coach Casebier. He is fair and he is hard on you when he knows you have more to give. He has helped us to believe”

Klos is involved in a number of activities outside of school including being a varsity track athlete and working for Polo Ralph Lauren. In March, Klos went on a mission trip to Guatemala where his group helped build a school for the Mayan Community. Justin plans on enrolling into CSU in the fall where he will pursue a business degree. 

Klos cited Coach Ryan Hollingshead as a key mentor.  “Coach Hollingshead has been with me through my high school career. He has been a great support to me for both school and football.” 

“Justin and his siblings have been a part of the Sabercat football family for the last 8 years.  With his older brother playing for the team and his older sister managing”, stated Hollingshead.  “Players with great attitudes, like Justin Klos, are contagious.  He may not show up in the box score or have his name announced very often, but what he does is a key to our success.”

Justin also talked about the close knit Klos family who include parents, Jim and Tammy and 4 siblings; Ashley, Alyssa, Jared and Katelyn. They also have a German Shepherd dog named Nissa.