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Player Profile - Julian Probsdorfer

By Charles Oster, 11/08/18, 6:30PM MST


Player Set on Helping CV Football Return to Relevance

Julian Probsdorfer has been playing like someone with something to prove.  The Right Guard has been playing with tenacity all season and is working hard to achieve a number of personal goals. 

“I want to show that despite my size, I can compete at the highest level in the state and to play well enough to be proud of being a Castle View Football player”, stated Julian.  Probsdorfer also cited a goal of not giving up any sacks on the season. 

The Senior and his family have deep ties to the school and the program.  Julian grew up just a block away from Castle View and both brothers, Nick and Brennan were both strong performers for the Sabercats.   Parents, Laurie and Michael have also been involved volunteering in the program for many years. 

Probsdorfer has been playing football since he was 6 years old and credits the game for many life lessons.  “I believe if I had not played then I would not be as disciplined as I am currently in any part of my life. Football has taught me how to be selfless and care about the people around me.” 

The Senior is committed to helping the team goals of winning in the playoffs and helping to make Castle View relevant on the state-level stage.   

Probsdorfer credits the coaching staff for helping the team become, “stronger, faster and smarter.  It was hard at first with a whole new system, learning a new team dynamic, and a new mindset but we pushed through it and we have really learned a lot.”  Julian also recognizes Coach Tom Ashworth as a mentor and leader for him personally. 

The standout Offensive Lineman throws shot and discus for the varsity Track team and goes on a mission trip each year with his church.  He plans on studying mechanical engineering after high school.

Players like Julian have been a critical part of the team’s success throughout the season.  Prodsdorfer concluded with thoughts on closing the season.  “I am excited to see where our team can go and to show the state that we are the real deal.”